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Friday, May 2, 2014

Lose 18 pounds in 6 weeks!

We pulled if off. We actually helped Philippine movie celebrity, John Lloyd Cruz lose 18 pounds in just 6 weeks. And erased the flab around his tummy while making his overall built more toned and muscular!

Leaner, more toned John Lloyd Cruz after the 6 week
Century Superbod Super Challenge Diet & Workout Plan

John Lloyd is one of the top draws in Philippine Cinema and entertainment because of his "boy next door" good looks and his acting chops. But he is also known for being a "regular Joe" and really more of a teddy bear. A bit on the chubby side and not very athletic. He once proclaimed during an interview "ang tunay na lalaki, walang six pack abs". His love for alcohol and his ability to hold his liquor is legendary. We realized that the challenge was going to tough.

Anne and JLC before the start of the Challenge.
Marketing Idea

Since the Century Tuna brand is already well entrenched as a dominant leader in the Philippine canned tuna market, our major task is to grow the size of the market. The brand is established as a healthy lifestyle brand and is the "go to" protein source of choice especially among the figure conscious and those who aim to lose weight. Our strongest equity pillar is the bi-annual Century Superbods Contest which has become a much awaited and usually the biggest summer event in the country. However, being a model search, the Superbods was becoming more of something to watch rather than something to emulate, be inspired with. Our consumers appreciated the event but were more of just an audience to a spectacle than participants.

To grow the tuna market while protecting if not expanding our market share, we decided to involve our consumers in Superbods. To make them participants rather than spectators. Thus giving birth to the 'transformation campaign". We asked celebrity nutritionist, Nadine Tengco and celebrity fitness coach, Jim Saret to develop for us a 6 week diet and exercise program that will help our consumers get fit healthy and even become Superbods.

And, to show proof that the diet and workout plan works, we anchored the 2014 campaign on transforming John Lloyd Cruz from a flabby but loveable matinee idol, to a toned, muscular and fit hunk! We threw in some hefty marketing dollars behind the campaign and called it the Century Tuna Superbods, Super Challenge.

The Diet

We asked Chef Nadine Tengco, a certified Fitness Nutritionist in the USA and erstwhile, nutritionist of the stars to prepare recipes for the 6 weeks Superbod Super Challenge Diet and Workout. Some dishes were rotated but overall, we made sure that whoever tried the diet would find it both effective and tasty. We then published the diet in the Century Superbods website so anyone from anywhere in the world can follow the diet.

Celebrity Nutritionist - Nadine Tengco

It incorporates key nutrients that not only help you lose weight, but targets the tummy! These are Omega 3, Vitamin D, Calcium and Fiber. Tuna, specifically Century Tuna is high in Omega 3 and Vitamin D thus is a key ingredient in the 42 day diet. But we also threw in other protein sources such as chicken and beef.

Here's the link. Good Luck.

Work Out

Coach Jim Saret is famous for his Metafit workouts. I never asked him what Metafit means but I am assuming it has something to do with jumpstarting the metabolism and getting fit.  We got 2012 Superbods winner, John Spainhour and the 2012 female Superbods Most Photogenic Awardee, Janette Emerich to be the models in the demonstration videos of Coach Jim's workouts. The result was a 42 day instructional that gives everyone an easy to follow guide to doing the Superbod workout. An online coach!

Coach Jim Saret!

The workout is on the same website link I attached earlier.

Both Coach Jim and Chef Nadine are also the same tandem that leads the transformation of participants to the Biggest Loser Philippine show on ABS-CBN.

Nadine with her "clients" at the Century Superbods After Party
Superbods 2014

Aside from the big reveal of John Lloyd during the Superbods finals night, we of course had the difficult task of selecting this year's Superbod winners.

It was a tough task for the 7 judges which included renowned model and beauty queen, Patty Betita, Eventologist, Lifestyle Columnist and Media Personality, Tim Yap; Host and Lifestyle Columnist Tessa Prieto Valdez; Designer and Stylist; Advertising Veteran and PC&V CEO, Ariel Comia; world renowned Fashion Designer, Dennis Rustico; Business Columnist and Fulbright Scholar and myself. Each judge was looking for something different so I noticed how the scores were almost evenly scored across the candidates. But in the end, upcoming actor, Mauro Lumba and noted model, Sarah Polverini won as male and female superbods and bested New Yorker, Marniel Lim, Dutch-Fil model Laurens Tolenars, new face and high potential model, Catherine Almirante and Alyssa who were runner ups.

Follow the work out and diet and you too can be a superbod. As John Lloyd says in the TVC, "Kung Kaya Ko, Kaya Nyo!".

Thanks to FB for the pics of Nadine and Jim.


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