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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Training in the Rain!

Wala ng atrasan! (No turning back).

Despite last night's continuous downpour, most of us still wished for Tropical Depression, Ferdie (Catabian?) to be out of the "Philippine Area of Responsibility" and headed towards China by the morning.

No such luck.

I guess we all woke up to the same heavy downpour. It's okay if it's raining and we still train. But then, with a little heavy rain comes the floods. This is SLEx below (how do you get through that):

Ahhh....SLEX River?

But, we all need to put in the mileage. It's 14 days to the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Cebu.

Here's how the tri community responded to this morning's challenge:


Bullrunner, Jaymie posted this as her FB status:

"Race wheels and aero helmet all set...for a long
bike trainer ride this morning! Bitin!" - the Bullrunner
 I guess she ended up using the bike trainer. Nice bike, though. Pogi!


Most took the practical approach and rode the bike trainer this morning. I'm guessing a range of 2 to 3 hours on average. This allows you to still put in the miles, be safe, watch tv or a video and saves a lot of time since you don't have to travel anywhere to bike.

"Simulation indoors. After 3.2k swim sa ace water spa, 2.5hr spnnervals.
Run mamaya. Sarap!!!-Tri Hard boys Louie and Ryan doing
a joint workout on the trainer. Very Brokeback.

Many still rode "together" as like Louie and Ryan did. But most just did the deed alone.

Super-marathoner, Jay Nacino on his bike trainer this morning.
Anong libro yun pinatungan? Aren't those his kid's school textbook?! AYOS!

Of course, some of us will not be deterred. Ulan lang yan! So, the hardcore of the hardcore still Warriored on. Here are some of the guys who braved the rain to still put in the miles.

Edward Ifurung from the Tri Clark Defensive Line
rode with Jumbo and did 90k to Tarlac and back.

Ironman Julian also rode with his crew.
Teka, bakit isang bike lang dala nila? Angkasan?
This is the post of Century Tri Hard, two time Ironman Ivan -

"It was raining cats and dogs and yet the GVT boys still pushed through with the simulation. Eager beaver me heard the turnaround was Shell so off I biked to Shell Trece. Apparently the turnaround was Aguinaldo Highway and Shell DH! Haha. Good thing Nikko was kind enough to follow and pick me up. Saw lots of like-minded triathletes trying to rack up some last minute mileage in spite of the weather. The run was pretty intense. Ordo and I started off with a sub-5 pace but backed off when Coach George, Ryan and the National Team started doing sub-4:20. Settled down to a 4:40-5:15 pace. On the way back, Nikko and Coach sprinted to a 3:30 pace! Great workout!" - Ivan Fojas.

GVT is the George Vilog Training pool. It's composed of the Philippine Tri Team, the Elite core of Century Tri Hard and the Christian Tri Team, Live Right.

George Vilog texted me this message last night....I pretended not to receive it....

"Sir, Pwede ka tom? 5am Porto (fino). Simulation tayo. Suwabe lang" - Text of Coach George Vilog to me at 9pm last night.

Suwabe is 4:20 pace in the run? Ano kaya yun push>

In my case, I opted to run. 20k easy in the rain. Covered 3 villages then had a nice corned beef and rice breakfast right after. Then slept.

I think it won't rain tomorrow. Or at least not that much. Last long ride tomorrow before the 70.3 in Cebu.

If it rains though, this is what I would most likely do.

Train safe everyone. And don't get sick.


  1. Tough call for most but switch workouts; run and swim today and wish for better weather to bike tomorrow. It's what I did at least instead of a long wet.soaking brick road.

    1. Hi Legend! That's exactly what I did. Run and Swim yesterday and biked this morning when the weather was less punishing.

  2. Woke up 4am. It was just a drizzle. Arrived at Pililla meet up point & it was gloomy but not yet raining while waiting for the other crazies like me. Heavy downpour when we started pedalling. Counted about 12 triathletes from diff teams (PerX, Total Fitness & Quest). Plan to do 120km out & back Jala2 to Paete via Mabitac. Decided to climb Bugarin on our way back wary that the mabitac route would be flooded. Carbon brakes not as sticky as the normal rubber brakes. Fingers numbed on way down Bugarin. Still a great workout overall. Taper time coming. See you in Cebu. :-)

  3. Epic workout. Ako, I just rode here inside the village. 70k total bike intervals with my teammates. Good luck to me in Cebu.

  4. Hi Greg, Nice read!
    Here is my Garmin log also for that rainy weekend (trainer) ride :)


    1. Ang Sipag, Emon...ako 30 mins bike trainer this morning....1 hour mamaya.....may pagka bumbay ang training