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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Travel to the USA - Day 1

I'm off to the USA to expand our business in this large market and in the neighboring Central and Southern American countries. My itinerary will take me to 6 major cities and two countries in a little over a week.

The Lincoln Memorial. Commissioned in 1914, carved by 5 Italian Brother who
worked 2 years to complete it. Made from the best marble from Georgia.

Here are the highlights of Day 1

Enroute to the USA and a night in Washington, DC

The trip to Washington DC via Detroit leaves at 6:30am from Manila via a 2 hour stop in Nagoya, Japan. I was very impressed with the efficiency, courteousness and skill of the Delta Airways ground crew in managing my check in. I was at the airport a bit late at 4:45am but they quickly breezed me through the check-in seeing I was among the passengers of the 6:30 flight. "Crowd control" and right process allowed me to comfortably complete all check in requirements despite the late hour.

It's rare that I am late to the airport. But having a full load at work this week, the only time I had left to put household admin stuff in order before the weeklong trip was the night before. After having dinner with the kids, I spent the rest of the evening writing out checks to pay the bills and organizing these into a schedule that Robert, our family driver would follow while I am away.

I ended up not sleeping as I finished at 4am, took a quick shower and rushed to the airport. Thank goodness for the Skyway!

Nagoya Stop

Delta now has individual movie screens and a really wide movie selection. Picture and sound quality is even better than the one used in Singapore Airlines and the movie list goes "Movies from A to Z". Their leg room is also noticeably wider and the crew, though not as "sexy" as the Singapore Airlines slim Asian built, they were significantly more courteous and service oriented than I remember.

The excellent inflight offerings, wide selection of movies, great food, great service made the trip to Nagoya go by so quickly.

Nagoya Airport - nice but not too many food options though.

Japanese "Promo Girls" for the Telco company, DOCOMO.

I used the 1.5 to 2 hour lay over to do some work...naks....:)
USA via Detroit and onto Washington

We used the same plane going to the USA and re-boarded after a short stop in Japan. Again the wide range of movies and generous, excellent cabin crew made the trip very comfortable. I was fighting off the need to sleep because I wanted to see so many of the movies available in my individual screen.

Immigrations in Detroit is also efficient and they were friendly and accomodating. I can say that it was one of the more pleasant experience going through Immigrations and Customs in the USA. This made the fact that I am travelling alone much easier to manage. I was actually having fun!

There were healthier food choices in the airport.....but...

Choices at the Airport

I indulged in McDonalds (we Pinoys call it McDo for short) as my first meal during this trip. Bad for triathlon and running but good on the palete and the appetite I built walking around the huge Detroit aiport. The hub of Delta in the USA. Sayang, walang longganisa with fried rice.

Hahaha, stereotypically McDo while in America!
Some stuff at the Detroit Airport

Grey mania is alive and well....

Washington DC

After a contecting flight to Washington, I then get a chance to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and do a drive by of the Pentagon and the Capitol Building after doing some business.

Helping me in the tour was former DLSU Trackster from the late 80's, 400m low hurdler, Cheryl who now works for the World Bank here in the Capital of the USA. She was good enough to drive me around despite the late hour.

Former DLSU 400m and 400m Hurdles Trackster, Cheryl.
My Teammate from the DLSU Track Years, Candle
Sponsor in my wedding and god mother of one of my kids.

It's going to be  very hectic but so far, seems like it'll be fun as well. Will be doing a 2 hour run tomorrow here in Washington DC. I will just warrior it out despite the cold.

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