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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Building our business in Europe

Relative to the multinational food and beverage companies, Century Pacific Food, Inc. is still small.

But, as they say - "Victory comes to the Bold". After a successful push internationally, Century Tuna is not present in 49 countries and is a major player in the UAE, the Middle East in general and is making some serious gains in North America. We are also growing our Argentina Canned Meat brand in the USA and the 555 Sardines brand in several markets.

This was built through many travels and meetings with customers abroad via face-to-face, Skype, Viber, email meetings and discussions.

We now train our sights on Europe. Emboldened by our early success in other markets, we have been a few days into our push here in the Old World to build our share of the market. A market that has a more sophisticated taste palette that is founded on age old gastronomic traditions.

Preparing the presentation to our big clients here in Spain.

Every store format we could find in Madrid was visited. We talked to customers and shop owners to understand the needs and dynamics of the market. And we took our time to observe consumers and their shopping behavior. The plan is becoming crystal clear especially after learning so much about our competitors, the consumers and the different retail formats available here.

Had a very good meeting with the largest retailer in Spain.
The next few months will truly be exciting. Spain and Portugal will bring our count of countries with our brands to 51!

With our "man on the ground", Bern Suarez.

Next stop, the Netherlands!

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