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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Live on DZMM Teleradio: Guesting on Sports Talk!

I was invited to appear on the live TV/Radio program, Sports Talk under the ABS-CBN Network this afternoon to promote the Animo Sprint Triathlon along with National Team Coach, Rick Reyes.

It was all good fun especially as this allowed us access to the different "live programming" and recording studios of the network. Rick and I got there 30 minutes earlier than call time despite the heavy rains on a Saturday afternoon. We decided to indulge in a 2nd lunch of the day at Grams inside the ABS-CBN complex. Ric wasn't quite finished with his Burger when the contact person from the show picked us up and brought us straight for make up. Despite our protestation (naks), they sat us down and proceeded to work on our faces.

Coach Rick in make up. Buti nagin lalake si Coach. Pangit na Girl, if ever.
Okay pala ito...pwedeng pa dagdag ng blush on, ate?

After a brief wait, we were ushered into the Studio which was totally high tech. The camera was this tiny gadget that would spin and point to whatever the guys in the control room next door wanted to focus on. The host for the day was Jasmine whom I've met before in corporate functions and coverages. Coach Ric was eloquent and clear, especially on technical matters on triathlon, training and running events. I was there as the organizer and one of the sponsors of the Animo Sprint Tri and to provide insights on the lifestyle of a triathlete and on balancing my time between training, work and personal matters.

Trying to sound credible.

It was all fun and we were happy to have promoted the Animo Tri.

How it looks on TV.....

The Century Tuna Animo Sprint Triathlon is now on its 5th year and continues to attract super tri kids, adult beginners and even hardcore triathletes to compete in this annual fund raiser. The beneficiary is the Saint Jaime Hilario Integrated School-La Salle in Bataan. This is a La Salle school catering to the children of fishermen, farmers and provincial dwellers from Bataan with hardly any tuition requriments. The cost of running the school is partially generated from donations such as the Animo Sprint Tri. It is organized by the La Salle Greenhills Batch 81, the Tri Hard Team and the Triathlon Association of the Philippines. The event is managed by Chili Grass, an events company.

Despite being "sandwiched" by the two major races, Subic International Triathon and the coming 5i50 Triathlon, the Animo Sprint Tri was able to achieve its maximum registration limit with a total of almost 500 athletes registering before the cut-off last Friday. It includes roughly 100 Super Tri Kids, 150 or so "mini sprinters" (beginners on Day 1) and the hardcore guys and the more adventurous on Day 2. Anyone who wants to catch a hardcore race, come see the Animo Sprint Tri on Sunday, June 10th at the Ayala Alabang Village.

Thanks to DZMM and ABS-CBN.

That's a wrap!

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