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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The K-Swiss Asian Triathlon Championship + SUBIT 20 Na, Hihirit Pa!

Many years ago, there was a movie entitled, the Highlander which revolved around a select group of IMMORTALS who roamed all over the world but would convene every few decades for what was known as the GATHERING. Driven by an unknown force, the IMMORTALS would have to battle to the death until there was only ONE. When one IMMORTAL would kill another, he would gain the loser's powers and then he would utter the phrase "there can be only ONE".

This weekend is going to be a HUGE two days for Philippine Triathlon.

We are the host to the Asian Triathlon Championships and this coincides with the 20th Staging of the  Subic International Triathlon (or SUBIT for short)!

I have always likened SUBIT as the GATHERING! Where for one weekend, almost everyone of note in the Philippine Triathlon community will gather after weeks, or even months of hardcore, unforgiving training. To battle it out and leave everything on the hot, tough race course that SUBIT has become famous for. To know who is the ONE.

The start of the Men's Elite during last year's SUBIT.

And given that this is the ITU official Asian Triathlon Championships, the tri gods - Asia's best and finest triathletes will be decending on Subic to showcase competition on an Olympic level. Several Olympians and Olympic hopefuls are registered to compete.

Some of the World Class Athletes from last year.

Delegate from Russia last year.
Asia's top athletes are coming. Olympians!

The Philippines is pinning our hopes on two triathletes for this important Asian Championships. Philippine Record Holder, Nikko Huelgas (also a member of the Century Tuna Tri Hard Team) and Jonard Saim who is in perfect shape for this weekend. National Team Coach, George Vilog is predicting that Jonard will break 2 hours in the Olympic Distance.

Philippine Hopeful and SUBIT Poster Boy.
Philippine Record Holder and Future Olympian, Nikko
Triathlon has gone a long way here in the Philippines. Registration in races get closed out and staging has become quite sophisticated and even boardering on extravagant, SUBIT remains to be prestigeous despite the very modest manner by which it is staged. It is the race where the country's top team is determined via the annual Team Competition which has been a tug of war battle between Team Fitness First and Polo Tri. Age Group Winners are more proud when they take Podium in SUBIT more than any other race. All the new tri kits of the big teams tend to debut in SUBIT. And this is the race that fueled the growth of the sport that we love.

This is the 7th year I am joining SUBIT. And through the years, I have seen the event grow not only in terms of partipation, but more importantly, in INTENSITY. The level of performance of individuals and teams are taken to a higher level each year. What's more evident is the wild fluctuation of my body weight and mass when I look back to pictures from the different years.

Our first Sponsored Team Uniform - we were Sunkist Tri Hard then.
Our LG Tri Suit - it was so "see through".
 We then started becoming more hard core. The level of competition just kept getting harder and harder.

Still heavy but slimmer.

Bromance? Nah, that's just my good buddy, Ironman Ivan at the finish in 2011.

The best part in all these races is the anxiety and excitement at the starting line and the camaraderie and festive mood at the finish.

I wonder who among the age groupers will emerge at the ONE? Is it going to be Don Velasco? Ia Isip? Ferdie Catabian? SEA Games Veteran, George Vilog?

Kay Don ako pupusta!

Whoever it will be, it's going to be a great weekend for Philippine Triathlon.

On the 20th staging of SUBIT, let us all honor the event with our very best performance ever.

I will personally push hard this weekend. I have put in the mileage, I have done the speed work...I've even prepared for the swim (hahahahahah...but I'm still so slow).

And everytime I need to psyche up for the race, I listen to the song, "You Get What You Give" from the New Radicals. It's what they play in all Ironman races prior to gun start. This is what will keep my heart pounding and revved up to achieve my target time.

"First we run and then we laugh till we cry
 But when the night is falling
 And you cannot find the light
 If you feel your dream is dying
 Hold tight
 You've got the music in you
 Don't let go
 You've got the music in you
 One dance left
 This world is gonna pull through
 Don't give up
 You've got a reason to live
 Can't forget you only get what you give"

Congratulations to Tom Carrasco and the rest of TRAP for the 20th staging of SUBIT and for hosting the Asian Triathlon Championship.

See you all in Subic.

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