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Thursday, May 17, 2012

48 hours on the GO!


Yesterday was one of those rare, precious days when I could skip training. But, this didn't mean I had the luxury of extra sleep time. I was up by 4am to prep for an early morning flight to Manny Pacquiao land - General Santos City.

No, unfortunately I wasn't in Gensan to attend Mommy Dionesia's "rainbow themed" birthday party. I flew in to visit our canning factory and discuss productivity improvement with the great team that runs the plant. We employ over 7,000 people at the plant. And serve the needs of not only the local market but export tuna products to around 27 other countries including the USA, Japan and Europe.

I was so impressed with the performance of our guys at the plant. Pinoy management and productivity proving we can compete with the best in the world. I wish I could have stayed overnight for the customary fresh crab and seafood dinner and the hardcore drinking that usually follows but I had to take the last flight out the same day to make it back to the Metro by 7pm to give a talk to some powerhouse super entrepreneurs.

Talk on Crisis Management and Business Turnaround

A group of top entrepreneurs asked me to give a talk on Crisis Management and Business Turnaround at the Manila Polo Club. I teach this subject at the Ateneo Grad School - Center for Continuing Education and maybe someone from their group suggested it as a topic for their regular learning forums. There were some BIG names in that room. Guys who have built super brands and large, profitable businesses. When I walked into the room to see who I was going to give the talk to, I was telling myself, "hmmmmm, shouldn't I be the one listening to these guys talk".

But it all went well. I guess they appreciated the science, framework and structure I shared in managing business crisis.

Sleep deprived but still doing my bike workout and going all out at work!

The evening ended late and I hardly had any sleep after. Before I knew it, I was getting up early the next morning to suit up for a 50k bike ride. We were on the road by 5am and rode for close to 2 hours.

After a shower, I had to rushed off to the office to chair our monthly Mancom. There were some really exciting stuff presented by our marketing team. Rightly so given the excellent new ad campaign launched by our competitor, San Marino. We need to be able to respond to their onslaught.

The Cosmo Party

I capped the day by attending the 15th Anniversary of Cosmo Magazine at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City. The invite said it was to be the "sexiest party of the celebrate 15 years of fab, flirty, fearless fun". Who could resist and invite to an event like that.

Great set up at the NBC tent. And amazing food! Was honored to have been personally welcomed by Cosmo Magazine Editor in Chief, Myrza Sison. It helped that our media buyer, Ms Nadine Wee was at the event.

Was also glad to see some of the Century Superbods Finalists at the event. They told me that their careers have taken off especially after making it to the finals.

Thank you Cosmo Mag for the box of'd you guys know this brand is one of my all time favorites?

Thanks for a GREAT PARTY, Cosmo Magazine. Congratulations on your 15th sexy, fun fearless years.

It's 1:43AM...I guess it's not quite 48 hours....

But, you can be certain I'll be up by 4:30AM later (a few hours from now) to gear up for a hard bike ride and run work out early tomorrow morning.

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