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Monday, May 28, 2012

Robin Padilla, Behind the Scenes

One of the benefits of my job is getting to do nice TV commercials and working with BIG celebrities. Century Canning Corporation has several brands in the tuna category alone with each brand serving a different "target market". Century Tuna, of course is our flagship and caters to the mid to high end consumer demographic. The key anchor for the brand is its health and wellness image but communicated via a "sexy" slant.

555 Tuna

However, many are not aware that the masa (I call it proletariat) brand, 555 Tuna is also from Century Canning. We sell this not only in Tuna form but as Sardines and Carne Norte (the corned beef of the masa).

To balance our "brand portfolio", I have to play the schizo role of ensuring that all our brands, foremost of which are Century and 555, are well accepted by the specific target markets they serve. Since you are on line, you are most likely an upscale, young or youthful individual to whom Century tuna appeals the most. But 555 Tuna is really for the proletariat. Those who toil and labor each day to gradually but surely lift them out of poverty. The kargador, labanderas, drivers, laborers, etc. You see them everyday - mga batak ang katawan (ripped and buffed not through working out and exercise but mostly just by laboring in their jobs). The sexy, healthy message will not resonate. It's more about nutrition.

Robin Padilla, 555 Tuna Endorser

Poster for 555 Tuna

The best endorser for this demographic is no other than the "idol ng masa", Robin Padilla!

After some tough but friendly negotiations with his talent management crew, we were so excited to have signed up Robin. And we were not to be disappointed. He came to the TV commercial well prepared, mentally psyched up to shoot his scenes. Unlike most Robin Padilla ads which showcases his "siga" persona, we thought it best to show his reticent side. Quiet but smouldering intensity as you hear his thoughts paying tribute to the country's masa labor force. Reminicent of the King, Fernando Poe, Jr. But, leading up to an inspiring strong finish for the tv commercial. He mentions strong themes that in the past have sparked the masses to revolt. "Para sa pangarap, para sa kinabukasan, para sa Pamilya". Though I was part of the creative process and have seen the making of this ad from story board to final verion, I still get goose bumps everytime I see the scene were he says "Sugod" and the crowd of the masa roars behind him.

Robin Padilla turns out to be very down to earth and approachable. He is well liked by the production crew and doesn't expect celebrity treatment. He eats with the team, he interacts with us and even the crowd who gathered to watch their idol in action.

Robin Padilla - Triathlete?

In our conversations during the shoot, I stumble upon a revelation. It turns out that he's been interested to try out Triathlon. He runs, he bikes and is even having a lap pool built in his new house. He says that he just needs to sort out how to conquer open water swimming. Mukhang malakas ito (I bet he'll do good if and when he so decides to do the sport). I can't imagine the Idol though in spandex. Parang di bagay.

The New FPJ and Dencio Padilla?

We ask for the customary souvenir shots with our endorser....and what's this? Now that there is a vacuum, maybe the movie going public is now ready for a new team up. The Idol and his goofy side kick. Eto, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Batman and Robin or FPJ and Dencio Padilla.....

Laban ka sa Lolo Ko?
Di ako marunong mag project! SUGOD!

Maybe I should just stick to running and running a business.

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  1. SI IDOL AT SI TRI-DOL......from ironart