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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Training with less than 3 hours sleep!

Great Party at the Cosmo Magazine 15th Anniversary Bash. The downside to partying is that it can become an excuse for not training the next day. It's less than 6 weeks from the big inagural 5i50 Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run thus adding to 51.5km). And, I want to make up for my poor performance in the Subic International Triathlon 2 weeks ago. Not training is not an option. But so was not going to the party. :)

Slept past 2am, and up before 5am. Instead of doing the long ride and short run prescribed by my coach, I decided to tweak it a bit to match my "physical condition". I'd do an intense workout instead. This will keep me awake, energize me for the day and will not drain me too much so I'd still be coherant at work.

I did a moderate 20k bike ride but using the heaviest gears and on a hilly course to help build strength. I followed this up with an intense 4 x 2k in less than 10 mins per 2k and doing a 1 minute slow jog in between as interval rest.

The benefit of the workout is that I finished early, got totally energized and I think I didn't use up all the "stay awake" juice in my body so I could put in a quality day at work. I also don't feel guilty about having stayed up to party (and to blog). And, I didn't skip training.

The big challenge though is the scheduled swim tonight. It's 5 x 500m swim at 7pm :( zzzzzzzz....

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