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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Century Ride

100km bike ride.

Despite today being internationally acknowledged Mother's Day, I stuck to the workout in my 12 week training plan. I did a 100km bike ride along the rapidly cogesting Daan Hari Road near Alabang, heading towards Cavite. You could sense that most older male riders skipped riding today to be home with their spouse or mothers. Conflict avoidance! So they can do more rides on any other day.

It's 12 weeks from the 70.3 Ironman in Cebu. And there are a ton of races leading up to this Half Ironman. There's the Duathlon on May 27th. And in June, the Animo Sprint Tri on the 10th, the Unilab 21k on the 17th, the Century 5i50 on the 24th and the Unilab Tri (long distance on the 1st of July). Weekends to do a 100km ride or Brick workouts (that's when you do bike and run in one workout - for a 70.3 Ironman, the prescribed brick is usually a ride of 60 to 100k and then do a 10 to 20k run) have become a premium. It's much wiser to take off early and get the Century ride done so I build up enough bike legs for the upcoming 70.3.

Took off at around 5:30 and did an easy pace focusing on cadence, leg endurance and form throughout the ride. Finished it in 3:50 hours and was having breakfast by 9:30am or so.

Better to get it done early than to stress everyone out including yourself cramming for the big race.

Oh - that's me on my bike last weekend, racing.

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