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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cuenca Grieving

An Outpouring of Love for the Cuenca Boys

Less than 24 hours after posting the blog "Gone too soon", the post has already generated close to 4,000 views. This includes over 500 from the USA and hundreds from Canada, Sinapore, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Qatar, Hong Kong, Germany and the United Arab Emmirates.

This gentle tribute and celebration of the lives of the four fallen Cuenca Boys is being passed on through facebook, twitter, email and other forms of social media. Views continue to grow and is making its way through Europe, the Middle East and here in Asia Pacific.

Most were touched by the Group Hug photo and the Quotation lifted from the FB page of one of the boys which seemed like these boys' Code of Excellence.

Even beyond their lives here in this world, the Cuenca Boys Tim and Josh Syyap, Bruce Garcia and Thomas Nguyen influence and continue to inspire others.

Though truly tragic, their deaths have not been in vain given the many hearts they've touched through the quality of life they lived as seen by a few simple photos and the "Code" which they embraced. Moreover, their passing has been a potent source of lessons and realizations across many dimensions.

Thank you, Boys. Truly, Cuenca will never be the same again.


Photo from the FB page of Francis Macatulad.

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